Modo Steady

A unique patented video camera stabilization system


The Un-Met Need

  • The small dimensions of home video cameras are their greatest advantage since they can be used spontaneously at all times
  • The small dimensions are also the home video camera's greatest drawback because they cause an ergonomic difficulty to stabilize it and record smooth video footage
  • The problem intensifies when shooting while in motion or when using the camera’s functions (e.g. zoom-in) while shooting


Modo Steady Offers several stabilization modes

  • Floating position - stabilized shooting achieved by changing the camera’s center of gravity. Provides the smoothest shooting and in most cases maximal mobility
  • Shoulder Position - stabilized shooting achieved by fixing the camera to the shoulder pit. Suitable for longer periods of shooting, shooting footage in crowded places and for very accurate shooting
  • Tripod position - static stabilization similar to table tripod. Avoids the need to purchase and carry an additional device


The Modo Steady has several advantages

  • Small & light - fits the size  of a mini camera and its standard carrying case
  • Easy to use
  • Moderately priced
  • Aesthetically designed - look and feel inline with current gadgets and consumer electronic equipment



Manfrotto Group



ADAPTO™ (technopolymer), handle and weight: Bi-injected soft-hard rubber

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