Yogurt & Dessert Holder

(promotional item for kids)



  • Yogurt and dessert containers tend to roll over and spill their contents on the eater and its surroundings. This problem intensifies when a spoon is placed in the container
  • The patent pending holder stabilizes the yogurt and dessert containers during eating and is especially designed to be attractive to children
  • The tail can serve as a gripping point making eating even easier



  • A promotion carton package with 5 yogurts/desserts + one figure
  • The cartons are stackable for easy storage and shelf arrangement
  • The head of the figure sticks out of the top carton, attracting attention that creates motivation to purchase the product


Benefits for the Consumer

  • Keeps the child and its surroundings clean
  • Increases child’s independence
  • Adds fun and playfulness to the eating experience


Corporate Benefits

  • Innovative – attracts attention near the refrigerated food section
  • Motivation to purchase – creates curiosity and a desire to try the new holder
  • Boosts the brand presence at home – designed for continued daily use 



Strauss Group (Israeli affiliate of Danone)



PP injection



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